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Scissor Lift Certification
for Business

For companies with multiple employees
in need of Scissor Lift Certification online

Please fill out the form on the right and include the details of your employees who need the Scissor Lift Certification. We will create the accounts for each of your employees. You have the choice of paying online or calling our office (888) 505-0502 to take the payment over the phone. Once payment is completed you will receive the login instructions for the employees to begin the training.

 If you have several branches or more than 30 employees please contact us for a special discount.

Save Time

All employees can complete the training as a group with a computer presentation. Make copies of the test for each employee to ensure understanding of the rules from the presentation.

Certificate of Achievement

You will receive a Certificate of Achievement for each employee to use as a temporary permit. The forklift license (wallet card) will arrive in 4-5 business days.

Unlimited Tests

Your employees will be able to take the test an UNLIMITED number of times without having to pay for the test over and over again.

Valid For 3 Years

The Certification meets OSHA regulations and is valid for 3 years in the US, Canada and Mexico. Be sure to make copies of the training documents for each employee to ensure OSHA compliance.